An assortment of icons made for various apps over the years: some that lived, some that died, and some that never came to pass. app icon
Image2icon macOS app icon
Bear app icon
RadBlock (more on that below)
A Chrome for Mac icon replacement that looks at home on macOS 10.10+
A Chrome for Mac icon replacement that looks at home on macOS 10.10+ alternate app icon
Emporter alternate icon
App icon for Watchlist—a mythical TMDb client for iOS
Watchlist—a mythical TMDb client for iOS
App icon for Cloudy—an Android CloudApp client
Cloudy—an Android CloudApp client
Cloudy alternate icon
Cloudy alternate icon alternate app icon
Chocolat alternate app icon
SourceIcon app icon
SourceIcon Preview (more on that below) version 3 app icon
Linkinus (more on that below) and preference window icons
RadBlock and Emporter preference window icons preference window icons
iTerm2 preference window icons


RadBlock is a Safari extension that efficiently gets rid of advertisements, trackers, and other annoyances. I had the great honor to design and make the logo, icons, website and some of the UI. extension popover preferences window


I forked TextMate with the aim of making the bottom toolbars meld better with the text area and sidebar, then got carried away and drew new icons, made a dynamic dark theme that accounts for Desktop Tinting, and did lots of other little things. light theme
Light theme dynamic dark theme
Dynamic dark theme

Chrome for iOS & iPadOS

For six years I led the design of Chrome for iOS/iPadOS, where I strove to make it a great browser and a respectable platform citizen.

Chrome on iPhone and iPad


As an avid user of Linkinus, I started working with the developers in late 2012 to design the next major version. Sadly it never came to pass, but it sure was fun dreaming… onboarding step 1 onboarding step 2 onboarding step 3 main window connection manager window

SourceIcon Preview

While working on version 3 of Linkinus, I found myself constantly wondering how my source list template icons would look when rendered by the system (circa OS X 10.8), so I designed a simple app that would show me.

SourceIcon drag-and-drop window
SourceIcon source list renderer window


I love Vim, and I love native text editors, so when Vico came on my radar, I jumped in and started contributing designs. Of particular interest to me were the completions and command bar interfaces. completions
Code completions with extra info popover command bar help popover
Command bar with syntax placeholders and inline + popover help command bar completions
Command bar with completions


What follows are wares I threw during my time in university. I considered changing majors and dreamt of one day being a studio potter. I guess there is still time…

Teapot with bamboo handle
Raku teabowl
Two cruets
Two mugs
Flower vase