This site is hosted on a Gandi VPS and built with a custom site generator written in Swift. It’s based heavily off Robert Böhnke’s, and uses his Swim DSL for writing templates.

All the heavy lifting is done on a 2021 MacBook Pro sporting an M1 Max chip. I have an old Thunderbolt Display that I use for making sure things still look crisp on lower-res screens; it has aged beautifully and still looks great on my desk.

On the software side, I hop between Xcode and Nova, and do my writing in Bear. Some of the other apps I use to make this site include:

The design is meant to be playful, cartoonish, and a pleasure to read. Those first two will surely change, but not the last. The headings are set in ITC Garamond Condensed, which was the base of Apple Garamond: Apple’s brand typeface from 1984–2002. After that, text is set in Concourse, and code in Inconsolata. I could talk all day about those, but the designers say it best, so visit the links.

I’ll try to keep this up-to-date, but for the bleeding edge, peak under the hood.