This site is hosted at, set in Concourse and Triplicate (for code), and built with Publish using Xcode and Bear on a 13” MacBook Pro. For local development I use a SimpleHTTPServer (with a little reloading magic), while good ol’ Apache httpd handles the live site. You can check out the source here.

Concourse is a sans-serif typeface made by Matthew Butterick. While inspired by geometric faces of the ’30s, it has a more organic feel (especially its lowercase) than most in this category, which helps it hold up better as body copy. It also has true italics, as apposed to the more common sloped romans that traditionally are found in sans-serif faces. According to Butterick, “[it] doesn’t skimp on versatility, warmth, or personality”. In order to really bring out that personality, I’ve enabled ligatures and kerning. There are other typographic features being controlled via CSS as well, so I encourage you to view the source and poke around.

As for content management, I’ve used many static site generators in the past, but decided to use Publish because it is written in Swift (I make iOS/macOS apps), and it is a joy to hack on in Xcode. I wrote a post that talks in more detail about the technical bits and my motivations.

It may also interest some that this site supports title-less blog posts by design, making it easy and efficient to get thoughts out without stewing over an appropriate title. This also works really well for integrating with