My Blog Tooted

I was using to cross post my blog entries to Mastodon, but the way they translated wasn’t great. My biggest beef was how all in-line links were stripped, appending only the first one at the end of the toot.

I love links, so I decided to make a custom solution that would list them all. It also limits the text to 500 characters and links directly to posts with a title without showing any of the content (since those are usually longer).

There are plenty of rough edges (e.g. what if the link list itself is >= 500 characters), but it works well enough for now. I think the next steps would be to omit links that aren’t present in the truncated text, and find a better way to determine if the latest post has been published to Mastodon.

But why go to all this trouble? I want to keep as many of my posts as possible on my blog, but also make them available on Mastodon without sacrificing the thing that interests me most on the internet: links.