Nov 27, 2020

Steve Troughton-Smith writes about Catalyst:

That NeXT competitive advantage became Apple’s competitive advantage, and, later, iPhone’s competitive advantage. This is the competitive advantage a native platform from Apple has over the web; it would be such a shame to half-ass this transition to Marzipan and concede defeat to web apps on the desktop instead of letting native apps reach the heights they deserve.

So far, Catalyst (the official name for Marzipan) apps aren’t that great. Not even the Apple ones. But they are getting better, and that’s encouraging.

SwiftUI is maturing nicely too, and it seems to be a better option for creating quality cross-platform software. Apple also seems to be putting more focus on it than Catalyst, which is a good thing.

Oh, and one more thing: I can now run iOS/iPadOS apps on my M1 Mac. Buckle up.