I Hate Medium

Too many good writers, articles and thoughts have been sucked into that siloed black hole.

I mean, I get it. Who wants to set up a blog? Just write, right? But what about owning your content? Tweets are small and usually conversational, so I can see using something like Twitter without too much thought. But when it comes time to write, why would you want to give it all over to someone else?

Oh, and this fucking thing:

Medium annoyance popup

I’d almost rather have ads—better the devil you know. At least that little disclosure line makes Medium’s business model quite obvious: harvest eyeballs and sell info about them to others (or maybe they’re just hoarding it and waiting for the big buyout). Either way, it stinks.

So if you have a little technical know-how, get off your ass and get to it—carving out your own corner of the internet can be a real joy. I just wrote about how this site is made. Feel free to poke around the source and borrow as much as you’d like.

Or if you want it easy, pay Micro.blog to do it all for you. Just quit putting it all on Medium.