Hello World

Hi, I’m Pete and this is my little corner of the internet. Today marks the first day of its existence—I hope there are many more to come.

This is kinda new to me: writing my words down and putting them out on the world wide web. I’ve always been very much in my head though, so I thought it might help to start getting some of it out now and again.

And on the subject of writing, Tim Smith has three rules he follows. I like them so I’m going to use them too:

  1. I’ll write whenever I feel like it, and won’t worry if it’s not perfect
  2. I will not look at stats of any kind
  3. I will write because it’s fun and has a personal archival purpose, not because I want recognition or validation

Other than to write, there is a second reason this site exists: it is a creative outlet for me. I love to tweak its design, tech, you-name-it. If you are curious about how it is designed and/or made, check out the colophon.